Program Features

1.System Frame Diagram And Brief Description

The virtual simulation experiment teaching project of landscape construction in low-impact development green space (corridor and rain garden) relies on an open virtual simulation experiment teaching management platform to realize seamless data interface connection and record and track the whole experiment process. The open virtual simulation experiment teaching management platform is based on computer simulation technology, multimedia technology and network technology, developed with a service-oriented software architecture. It integrates physical simulation, innovative design, intelligent guidance, automatic correction of virtual experiment results, and teaching management. It is a virtual experimental teaching platform with good autonomy, interactivity and scalability.

The overall architecture is shown in Figure 82.

As shown in the figure, the platform and the structure supporting the project are divided into five layers, and each layer provides services for its upper layer until the specific virtual experimental teaching environment is completed. The following content will explain the specific functions of each layer from bottom to top:

(1) Data layer

The virtual simulation experiment project of landscape construction in low-impact development green space (corridor and rain garden) involves various types of virtual experimental components and data. Here the experiment set the basic component library, experimental course library, typical experimental library, and standard answer library for virtual experiments. , Rule library, experimental data, user information and more to realize the storage and management of corresponding data.

(2) Support layer

The support layer is the core framework of virtual simulation experiment teaching and open sharing platform and the basis for normal open operation of experimental projects. It is responsible for the operation, maintenance and management of the entire basic system. The supporting platform includes the following functional subsystems: security management, service container, data management, resource management and monitoring, domain management, inter-domain information services, etc.

(3) General service layer

The general service layer is the open virtual simulation experiment teaching management platform, which provides some general support components for the virtual experiment teaching environment to help users quickly complete the virtual simulation experiment. General services include: experimental education management, experimental teaching management, theoretical knowledge learning, experimental resource management, interactive communication, experimental report management, teaching effect evaluation, project opening and sharing, etc. They provide corresponding integrated interface tools so that the platform can easily integrate the virtual experiment software of the third party enters into unified management.

(4) Simulation layer

The simulation layer mainly proceeds corresponding equipment modeling, experimental scene construction, virtual instrument development, and general simulator for the project. And finally it provides the formatted output of experimental result data for the upper layer.

(5) Application layer

Based on the services at the bottom, the teaching content of low-impact development green space (corridor and rain garden) landscape construction virtual simulation experiment project is open and shared finally. The application layer of framework has a good scalability. Experimental teachers can use various tools provided by the service layer and corresponding equipment models provided by the simulation layer to design various typical experimental examples according to teaching needs, and finally carry out experimental teaching applications to schools .

2.Experimental Teaching Projects


Development Technology


VR AR MR √ 3D Simulation 2D Animation √ HTML5 Other WebGL technologies


Development Tools


√ Unity3d 3D Studio Max √ Maya ZBrush SketchUp Adobe Flash  Unreal Development Kit Animate CC Blender √ Visual Studio Other


Operating Environment


Server CPU Six Cores, 32 Gb Of Memory, 100 Gb of Disk, Memory 0 GB, GPU Model None Operating System √ Other Specific Versions Of Windows Server Linux Database √ Mysql SQL Server Oracle Other Note (Please note when more than 1 additional hardware device or server)


Project Quality (e.g. total face value of a single-scene model, map resolution, sum of renders per frame, action feedback time, display refresh rate, resolution, etc.)



Total face value of a single-scene model: 900,000 Map resolution: 1024 X 1024 Action feedback time: less than 1 second Show refresh rate: above 30hz (Fps) Normal resolution 1920 X 1080