Experiment related information

1.Requirements for students

(1) Requirements for majors and grades This lab project is mainly for the second and third year students of Landscape Architecture in the School of Landscape Architecture.

(2) Requirements for basic knowledge This lab project involves professional courses including Introduction to Professionalism, Landscape Architecture Design, Garden Engineering, Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning and Design, and Computer Aided Design for Landscape Architecture. Students participating in the experimental project are required to have basic knowledge of the above courses.

(3) Requirements for basic competence This lab project requires that participating students have the ability to conduct literature review and simple research, be able to solve some of the situational problems in the lab process on their own, and be able to transfer acquired competencies.

(4) Requirements for professional competence In terms of professional competence, this lab project requires students to have a clear understanding of the site construction process, the process of constructing a corridor, the process of constructing a rain garden, and an understanding of the theory and application of stormwater simulation calculations and performance evaluation.