Network Requirements

1.Valid URL

2.Network Requirements

(1) Explain the client-to-server bandwidth requirements (bandwidth service test required)

1) Based on systems deployed on public cloud servers, 5M-10M

2) Based on the system deployed by the LAN server, 10M-50M

Bandwidth can be tested by clicking on the internet speed test button below the first page of the experiment project. (See Figure 80)

Speed Test

(2) Explain the sum of people online at the same time that can be supported (online queuing prompt service required)

The experiment  supports 100 students simultaneous online access and requests, And if a single experiment is occupied, it will warn to wait online until the previous appointment experiment is over before entering the next appointment queue. The system will display the serial number of the experimenter waiting in the queue. (See Figure 81)

Queue Interface

3.System Requirements

(1) Computer operating system and version requirements Windows 7 and above operating systems;

(2) Other computing terminal operating system and version requirements No.

(3) Support mobile: Yes, √ No

4.Software Requirements

(1) Specific plug-in is required√ yes or no (Check "Yes, please fill in") plug-in name UnityWebPlayer plug-in capacity 1MB Download link

(2) Other computing terminal non-operating system software configuration requirements (Whether the relevant software download service available is required to be instructed)

1, recommended to use Google Chrome browser  aboce 55.0 version and Firefox browser aboce 50.0 version

5.Hardware Requirements

(1) Computer hardware configuration requirements

Table 8 Computer hardware configuration requirements


Computer Hardware Configuration Requirements (Minimum)


Computer Hardware Configuration Requirements (Recommended)


Central Processor: Intel ® Core ™ I5-7400-3.0ghz-4 Core 4 Thread Memory: 8GB Hard Drive Space: 100GB Graphics Processor: NVIDIA® Geforce ® GTX 960 Memory: 2G And Above Display: 16:9 Resolution 1280 X 720 And Above Network Bandwidth: 10mbps Operating System: Windows 7


Central Processor: Intel ® Core ™ I5-8500-3.0ghz-6 Core 6 Thread Memory: 16GB Hard Drive Space: 500GB Graphics Processor: NVIDIA® Geforce ® GTX 1060 Memory: 4G And Above Display: 16:9 Resolution 1920 X 1080 Network Bandwidth: 50mbps Operating System: Windows 10 Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Travel, Cheetah, 360, QQ, Sogou, Edge And More

(2) Other computing terminal hardware configuration requirements


6.Special External Hardware Requirements

(1) Computer special external hardware requirements


(2) Special external hardware requirements for other computing terminals


7.Network Security

(1) Whether the project system completes the national information security level protection yes √ no

(Check "Yes“ and please fill in)  Level __